Santa Monica Conservatorship Attorney

In California, a conservatorship is a legal relationship in which one adult has the authority and responsibility to make personal, financial and medical decisions for another. In a situation in which an adult is incapacitated by a mental or physical impairment or by a developmental disability, a conservatorship allows a trusted loved one or licensed professional to care for the incapacitated person and protect him or her from abuse and fraud.

We can assist you with all of the legal details of establishing a conservatorship toward the protection of a loved one, including petitioning the court and representing you in court hearings. If there are competition petitions for a conservatorship, we can represent you in contested conservatorship proceedings.

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Elder Abuse

At Sultan & Sultan, we are strong advocates for victims of elder abuse throughout California. Elder abuse can take many forms, including financial abuse and physical abuse. All too often, elders are abused in nursing homes, where negligence and understaffing exposes them to bedsores, falling injuries, medication errors, restraint injuries and other dangers. Elders are also sometimes victimized by family members, caregivers or others.

If you suspect your loved one is suffering from elder abuse, our attorneys can help you explore your legal options. We are committed to protecting elders from abuse and holding responsible parties accountable for their actions.

Elder Abuse Lawyers Serving Clients In Brentwood And Surrounding Areas

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